Asarcenchelys longimanus

Common Name

Longfin Worm Eel

Year Described

McCosker, 1985


Vertebral formula: 27 predorsal, 53 preanal, 148 total

Body very elongated, with tail much longer than trunk. Body quite thin and compressed. Head broadens rearward. Throat expanded to twice body depth. Jaws moderate with a conical snout. No papillae on head or lips. Anterior nostril a short tube. Posterior nostril covered in flap outside of mouth, above lip, and anterior to eye. Teeth are well developed, slender, and depressible. Two rows of maxillary teeth (inner with fewer teeth). Six intermaxillary teeth. A single row of small median teeth (with a few tooth pairs toward front). Lower jaw teeth in two rows (fewer in inner row). Gill slit low on side and immediately below pectoral base. Dorsal and anal fins confluent (Myrophinae). Dorsal fin origin behind pectoral tip but well forward of anus. Anal fin higher than dorsal fin. Pectoral fins present, well developed, and lanceolate. Eye large and situated slightly behind mid-jaw. Body pores minute. Head pores more apparent. Three preopercular pores.


Body brown with fine speckles of dark pigment. Fins pale.


Maximum size to 37.4cm TL.


Type material taken at 55m depth.


Northeastern Brazil to Bahia State in eastern Brazil.


Carvalho-Filho, A., Marcolvaldi, G., & M.I.G. Paiva. 2011. Asarcenchelys longimanus (Ophichthidae: Myrophinae), two additional specimens and range extension in the south-western Atlantic. Marine Biodiversity Records, 4.

McCosker, J.E. 1985. Two new genera and two new species of deepwater western Atlantic worm eels (Pisces: Ophichthidae). Proceedings of the California Academy of Sciences (Series 4) v. 44 (no. 2): 9-15.