Neobythites multidigitatus

Common Name

Many-rayed Brotula

Year Described

Nielsen, 1999


Dorsal Fin: 110
Anal Fin: 91
Pelvic Fin: 2
Pectoral Fin: 32
Caudal Fin: 8
Gill Rakers: 10 (only long rakers)
Pseudobranchial Filaments: 3
Vertebrae: 65 (15 precaudal)

Body elongated and eel-like. Snout blunt. Jaw extends past posterior margin of orbit. Teeth present in jaws, on palatine, and on vomer. Anterior basibranchial tooth path narrows on posterior end. Preopercular spines number 2. Spines on preopercle strong. Opercular spine strong. Dorsal and anal fins confluent with caudal fin. Pelvic fin reaches halfway to the anus. Lateral line not obvious. Body scales cycloid.


Uniformly dark brown over head and body. No stripes or ocelli present.


The holotype measures 79mm SL


The holotype was collected at 641m.


Known only from the Bahamas.


Nielsen, J. G. 1999. A review of the genus Neobythites (Pisces, Ophidiidae) in the Atlantic, with three new species. Bulletin of Marine Science v. 64 (no. 2): 335-372.

Other Notes

This is easily distinguished from all other Atlantic Neobythites by pectoral counts and the number of precaudal vertebrae.