Notolepis annulata

Common Name

Ringed Barracudina

Year Described

Post, 1978


Dorsal Fin:
Anal Fin: 24-27
Pectoral Fin: 10-11
Pelvic Fin:
Lateral Line:
Vertebrae: 75-82

Lateral line scales with prominent extensions dorsally and ventrally, forming numerous transverse rings around body. Origin of pelvic fin anterior to dorsal origin.


Brown to gray with alternating dark and light transverse bands formed by the vertical striations on the body. Gill cover pale.


Maximum size to 30cm SL.


Found from the surface to 2000m.


Southern Atlantic off Argentina to the sub-Antarctic region and the Scotia Sea.


Post, A. 1985. Paralepididae. In: Fischer, W. and Hureau, J-C. (Eds.) FAO species identification sheets for fishery purposes. Southern Ocean (Fishing areas 48, 58 and 88). Food and Agriculture Organisation of the United Nations, Rome.