Notolepis coatsi

Common Name

Antarctic Jonasfish

Year Described

Dollo, 1908


Dorsal Fin:
Anal Fin: 26-29
Pectoral Fin: 9-11
Pelvic Fin: 9
Lateral Line:
Vertebrae: 86-89

Lateral line scales inconspicious, without vertical striations. Pelvic origin anterior to dorsal fin origin. Prepelvic distance 59-61% SL. Two rows of teeth (a third rearward) with 20-35 canines. Palatine with numerous depressible, short canine teeth.


Brown to black when fresh, but pigment is easily removed during collection leaving the fish pale with little pigment. Gill cover dark.


Maximum size to 40cm SL.


Known from 0-2000m.


Mostly sub-Antarctic off southeastern Argentina and within the Scotia Arc.


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