Sudis atrox

Common Name

Fierce Pike Smelt

Year Described

Rofen, 1963


Dorsal Fin: 11
Anal Fin: 21
Pectoral Fin: 14
Pelvic Fin: 9
Lateral Line:
Vertebrae: 53-54

Lateral line sections with three pores above and below midline of scale.


Body lightly pigmented with most pigment concentrated on head, dorsum, and on caudal peduncle. Peritoneum with 6 peritoneal sections in post-larva.


Maximum size to 75mm SL. Post-larva usually around 50mm SL.


Mesopelagic to bathypelagic from 33-2250m.


Scattered records from Gulf Stream waters off the eastern U.S.A. to S. Brazil. Most specimens are post-larval.


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