Uncisudis advena

Common Name

Spotback Barracudina

Year Described

Rofen, 1963


Dorsal Fin: 10
Anal Fin: 30-31
Pectoral Fin: 12-13
Pelvic Fin: 9
Lateral Line: 57-60
Vertebrae: 75-78


Body pale colored with a lateral stripe dotted with melanophores. A prominent saddle on the dorsum between the dorsal and adipose fins. Other single dark blotches present on the dorsal fin, anal fin, and pelvic fin. Peritoneal area with several dusky pigmented areas.


Maximum size to 62mm SL (immature specimen). Adults unknown.


Mesopelagic to bathypelagic from 813-997m.


The Gulf of Mexico and off eastern Florida


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