Stegastes fuscus

Common Name

Brazilian Damselfish

Year Described

Cuvier, 1830

Other Notes

Stegastes trindadensis and S. uenfi are considered synonyms of this species. Genetic evidence has shown Stegastes trindadensis from Trindade Island, Brazil is very close genetically to S. fuscus and the juveniles have a range of coloration from all blue-gray to blue-gray with a orange-yellow streak along the back and dorsal fin (both on mainland and Trindade Island). Adults are broadly overlapping in pattern and range of meristics. Stegastes uenfi has not been sequenced but is sympatric with S. fuscus on the Brazilian coast, and has overlapping meristics. The paler gray coloration of the body falls in the variation of the fairly variable S. fuscus and the juveniles share the same color pattern. “Pale morph” S. fuscus from Brazil are easily confused with the stated coloration of S. uenfi. More research on southwestern Atlantic Stegastes is needed to confirm the status of these three species names.