Galeus springeri

Common Name

Springer's Catshark

Year Described

Konstantinou and Cozzi, 1998


A very elongate shark with a large head tapering posteriorly to a narrow caudal fin. Pelvic origin separated from pectoral base by a distance almost equal to inter-dorsal distance. Anal fin base short (<14% TL). Pectoral fin broadly rounded. Caudal fin with very weak lower lobe. Enlarged dermal denticles on dorsal margin of tail. Subcaudal crest present.


Body brown basally with a bold pattern consisting of a thick dark stripe running from the head to the first dorsal origin and at least three dark blotches on the rear of the body (one under each dorsal fin and one in between). Dark markings outlined in white. Two dark bands on the upper caudal fin. another thinner dark stripe runs through eye and on side. Dorsal fins dark with white borders. Other fins with indistinct markings. Belly pale.


Maximum size to 44cm TL.


Upper continental slopes from 457-699m.


Caribbean Sea: scattered insular localities from the Bahamas to the Lesser Antilles.


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