Choranthias salmopunctatus

Common Name

Salmon-spotted Jewelfish

Year Described

Lubbock & Edwards, 1981


Dorsal Fin: X, 15
Anal Fin: III, 7
Pelvic Fin: I, 5
Pectoral Fin: 20-22
Lateral Line Scales: 46-51 (tubed)
Gill Rakers: 32-35 total

Fairly slender bodied, head 30-32% SL, and eye large (7-10% SL). Orbit longer than snout. Anterior and posterior nostril further apart than in Anthias spp. (4-5 times in snout length as compared to >7 times in Anthias). Anterior nostril with a long filament, extending nearly to orbit. Head and maxilla covered in scales. Lateral line usually interrupted under soft dorsal fin (separated by non-tubular scales). Obvious notch at boundary of spiny and soft dorsal fin, not to base of fin. Fleshy tabs present on dorsal fin spines. Caudal fin deeply forked, often with short filaments. Scales around caudal peduncle number 26-28.


Orange-red with yellow spots on each scale, giving an overall orange color when seen at a distance. Scattered larger pink spots on body and two pink stripes on head (one through eye and one under eye). Yellow stripes border lower pink stripe. Lower head pink. Dorsal and caudal fins yellowish with pink markings or dorsal margin and middle caudal lobe. Caudal fin lobes with pink tips. Anal and pelvic fins pale.


Maximum size to 6.1cm.


This species... "was observed between 35 and 55 m and was most abundant between 40 and 45 m on almost-vertical rock drop offs. It aggregates in small groups of 5 to 10 individuals, swimming close to crevices into which they hide when threatened" (Luiz-Junior et al., 2007).


St. Paul's Rocks, off NE Brazil.


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