Anthias hensleyi

Common Name

Euripos Jewelfish

Year Described

Anderson & García-Moliner, 2012


Dorsal Fin: X, 15
Anal Fin: III, 7
Pelvic Fin: I, 5
Pectoral Fin: 18
Lateral Line Scales: 33-38
Gill Rakers: 42-43 total in first arch
Vertebrae: 10 precaudal, 16 caudal; 26 total

Fairly deep body, head 35-36% SL, and eye large (11-12% SL). Orbit longer than snout. Mouth oblique with lower jaw slightly longer. Upper and lower jaws both with small conical or villiform teeth, including larger canines. Vomerine patch diamond-shaped to subquadrangular without a convex posterior extension. Tongue usually with teeth. Anterior nostril a short tube. Most of head, and maxilla, covered in scales. Fins unscaled. Lateral line continuous. Accessory scales present on head. Scales around caudal peduncle 16-18. No fleshy filaments present on dorsal fin spines. Caudal fin deeply forked with elongate filaments. Pelvic fin with long filaments (up to 80% SL).


Bright rosy pink anteriorly on the head becoming more salmon-orange posteriorly, with bright whitish scale centers becoming less obvious dorsally and anteriorly. Lower head pale salmon-pink. Two irregular yellow stripes on head, one from the rear eye to opercular edge and the other running under orbit to pectoral base. Eye yellow with rosy and violet markings on the outer margin. Dorsal fin salmon with bright pink markings throughout. Anal, pelvic, and caudal fins bright yellow.


Adults from 15.5-16.2cm SL.


Deep reefs from 338-344m.


Caribbean Sea: known only from the Mona Passage west of Puerto Rico.


Anderson, W. D., Jr. & Heemstra, P. C. 2012. Review of Atlantic and eastern Pacific anthiine fishes (Teleostei: Perciformes: Serranidae), with descriptions of two new genera. Transactions of the American Philosophical Society, 102 (2): 1-173.

Anderson Jr, W. D., Baldwin, C. C., Carvalho-Filho, A., & Júnior, T. V. 2017. Redescription of the Jeweled Gemfish, Anthias asperilinguis (Serranidae: Anthiadinae), with comments on its ontogeny, phylogeny, and ecology. aqua, 23(3-24), 73.

Carvalho-Filho, A., B.C. L. Macena & D.M. Nunes. 2016. A new species of Anthiadinae (Teleostei: Serranidae) from São Pedro and São Paulo Archipelago, Brazil, Equatorial Atlantic. Zootaxa 4139 (no. 4): 585-592.

Other Notes

Easily distinguished from the Brazilian Odontanthias cauoh by coloration, gill raker number, pectoral ray count, and several body morphometrics (Carvalho-Filho et al, 2016).