Pseudogramma gregoryi

Common Name

Reef Bass

Year Described

Breder, 1927


Dorsal Fin: VII, 17-18
Anal Fin: III, 14-16
Pectoral Fin:
Pelvic Fin: I, 5
Gill Rakers:
Lateral Line Scales: 24-30

Body elongate. A triangular fleshy cirrus over eye. Eyes and mouth relatively large. Dorsal spines short and often inconspicuous when pressed against body. Broad soft dorsal and anal fins rearward placed. Caudal fin small and rounded.


Body brown to reddish brown, becoming paler on the belly and head. Head with three whitish to pinkish bands radiating from eye. Nape yellowish. A conspicuous ocellated black blotch on the opercle surrounded by pale pigment. Markings on body inconspicuous but can have darker marbling. Median fins red to red-brown.


Maximum size to 7.5cm SL.


A cryptic bottom dweller living on and around reefs (1-61m)


Widespread in the Caribbean Sea. Also Bermuda.