Johnsonina eriomma

Common Name

Ocellated Spikefish

Year Described

Myers, 1934


Dorsal Fin: VI, 15
Anal Fin: 13
Pectoral Fin: 13-15
Pelvic Fin: I, 1-2
Gill Rakers: 21-24 (first arch)

Ventral surface of pelvis very flat and tapering posteriorly (all other Atlantic species rounded).


Body pale yellowish with darker blotches on the dorsum. A large black ocellus is present under the second dorsal fin ringed in white. A smaller black spot is often present posterior to this spot.


Maximum size to 16cm SL.


Found near the bottom from 183-549m.


Scattered records from the western Caribbean Sea, the Bahamas, off Puerto Rico, Tobago, and off Cuba.


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